Concept of Oneness and Astrology

There are 12 houses in a horoscope.
The 1st house is you
2nd your Wealth,family members
3rd your Younger Siblings(Brother or Sister)
4th your Mother,house & vehicles
5th Your children’s
6th your enemies
7th your wife or partners and others
8th your hidden stuffs
9th your Father and Guru
10th your Wife’s mother,Profession
11th your desire,Big Brother or Sister and gain
12th your Fathers Mother,Loss

If you look at the significators of the houses all the houses are an extension of the first “You”.other houses don`t exist without are the power experiencing these houses, if you turn yourself off nothing exists for you.

In astrology 7th house is your wife or husband and others. out of so many people in this world you select 1 person from that house and make them your husband or try to integrate them to become the part of that easy but we do that all along our life understanding and growing to become one.This is one way of seeking and way to understanding the concept of spirituality.

Ultimate aim of life is liberation there are no 12 houses but only one thats you the 1st house.This liberation happens once you realise the God with you and experience the oneness with all and all within you.

“EGO” – is it good or bad?

If the boundary of your ego is only you. you are “Selfish”

If the boundary of your ego is only your family. you are “Family man”

If the boundary of your ego is only your country. you are “King”

If the boundary of your ego is only your Earth. you are “Mother Teresa”

If the boundary of your ego is only your Universe. you are “God”

now tell me is the Ego good or bad?

Love – Relationship – Marriage

Namaste! Everyone…
Thought I would write about Love,Relationship and Marriage today. What is Love? to me Love is every thing its the universe itself without it nothing exists.when you say you are in a relationship or marriage its not always your are in Love. There is nothing called unconditional Love, Love itself means unconditional.Now in this planet mostly Marriage is bond and relationship is a demand between two.Look at the Relationship or marriage of yours just ask the question yourself are you in Love? All the pain comes from not concious of the reason your are in Relationship or Marriage.

once you become concious suffering becomes optional.If you are in Love there is no bond or demand you are free to roam with a connection you feel eternal that exists even when you are not near.Love yourself first build a relationship with your soul and marry your brain(you – personality) and heart(soul). when you do that you will feel the same for others irrespective of who they are.Make an effort to learn about the self become concious of yourself that is the ultimate purpose of life.

Vedic Astrology Basics Lesson 1

All the elements on earth including us and every thing in the universe are all held by space.without this space nothing can hold its position us as well as the planets.we divide this space assuming it as a circle in to 12 sectors in the sky which we call zodiac signs or rashi.instead of 12 sectors if we divide them in to 27 sectors they are the nakshatras.the 9 planets revolve around the sun in this space.

we have 12 signs 9 grahas and 27 nakshatras that’s why 12 + 9 + 27 = 48 days is called a mandala.

In Lesson 1 we shall start learning the basics of planets.its important to understand the meaning of each planet and what there energies stand for.

Sun – The King
Moon – The Queen
Venus – The Wife
Mercury – The Kid
Jupiter – The Guru
Mars – The warrior general
Saturn – The Servant
Rahu – North Node
Ketu – South Node

we should understand that the fundamental characteristics of the planets never change Mars is always a warrior.once you are aware of there roles you can use your intuition to predict the further characteristics or signification of the planet.Example Sun being a King should be egoistic,Moon being queen is a natural mother,Mars being warrior is disciplined and strategic.

to be continued……….

What is Karma?

Some say its “What you sow is what you Reap” or its a cause and effect. to me its some thing which a human mind cannot comprehend. if you ask why? lets take an example of a Lion chasing a deer. to me both are running for their life only the context differs the Lion is running to satisfy its hunger(to be alive) and the deer wants to be alive. when you see this picture of lion chasing the deer what do you feel and what would you want to do? what ever you feel and wanting do says more about you. same way in this drama of life we see many things happening every day our response to each determines the karma its neither good nor bad just karma.