Love – Relationship – Marriage

Namaste! Everyone…
Thought I would write about Love,Relationship and Marriage today. What is Love? to me Love is every thing its the universe itself without it nothing exists.when you say you are in a relationship or marriage its not always your are in Love. There is nothing called unconditional Love, Love itself means unconditional.Now in this planet mostly Marriage is bond and relationship is a demand between two.Look at the Relationship or marriage of yours just ask the question yourself are you in Love? All the pain comes from not concious of the reason your are in Relationship or Marriage.

once you become concious suffering becomes optional.If you are in Love there is no bond or demand you are free to roam with a connection you feel eternal that exists even when you are not near.Love yourself first build a relationship with your soul and marry your brain(you – personality) and heart(soul). when you do that you will feel the same for others irrespective of who they are.Make an effort to learn about the self become concious of yourself that is the ultimate purpose of life.

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