Concept of Oneness and Astrology

There are 12 houses in a horoscope.
The 1st house is you
2nd your Wealth,family members
3rd your Younger Siblings(Brother or Sister)
4th your Mother,house & vehicles
5th Your children’s
6th your enemies
7th your wife or partners and others
8th your hidden stuffs
9th your Father and Guru
10th your Wife’s mother,Profession
11th your desire,Big Brother or Sister and gain
12th your Fathers Mother,Loss

If you look at the significators of the houses all the houses are an extension of the first “You”.other houses don`t exist without are the power experiencing these houses, if you turn yourself off nothing exists for you.

In astrology 7th house is your wife or husband and others. out of so many people in this world you select 1 person from that house and make them your husband or try to integrate them to become the part of that easy but we do that all along our life understanding and growing to become one.This is one way of seeking and way to understanding the concept of spirituality.

Ultimate aim of life is liberation there are no 12 houses but only one thats you the 1st house.This liberation happens once you realise the God with you and experience the oneness with all and all within you.

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