Awareness and the 8th house in astrology

Awareness is a state where you don’t think or judge its a state where you understand every thing without even knowing or thinking. 8th house in astrology is a house of hidden things. its like a Pandora box we don’t know what we are going to get a lottery win or stock market crash.Most people fear the 8th house.if you are in pure awareness you will understand the 8th better. its the power house of life where the power of whole universe exists.
you can raise your kundalini only if you plug in to this power one can escape the 8th house in this life or the other.its the way to moksha.When you win a competition you are happy. If I ask you are you happy because some one lost the game because you lose the joy and feel something from this perspective, this is the 8th house it flattens you till you realise it. Understanding and accepting the perspectives frees you. if you take the winning and loosing in the same sense and understand that playing the game to full potential is more important than winning then you are aware.once you are aware 8th house becomes your path to liberation.Just be aware!! thats all you need to do to gain from the 8th house.

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