Why the Blog….

Namaskaram!! thank you for stumbling on my blog. after having a break down in my personal life when I was 32 I started searching the reason for all the problems.I ended up understanding why I am the way I am. first I started with astrology, thought that it will say every thing about me. It did say some thing about me and my life. It gave an idea about my psychology and events in my life. Astrology is an ocean according to me it could take more than a life time to master it. later I started taking some healing lessons and mediation. more I started doing mediation I started feeling a real self in me some one watching me a space within me very hard to explain.thanks to my friend satish pointing the way to these classes.Above all I bow down before my guru sadhguru jaggi vasudev for giving me amazing experiences through his discourses and meditation.
I started learning many books related to spirituality from east to west.from each and every book I learnt something valuable. one thing I understood was don`t make some ones conclusion yours in fact I realized there is no conclusion in searching your truth.I thought I should put all my experiences seeking and learning some where that could help other and me in evolving each being and the universe so this blog.I will share my learnings and interpretation on astrology and spirituality as when and time permits.
contact : spirit@spiritcafe.in

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