Being a Scorpion……

For a very long time I was wanting to write on this topic.”being a scorpion”,
yes I’m a scorpion not a moon sign but a sun and lagna sign as scorpion. both lagna and
sun in perfect conjunction at the 2nd degree of the sign. felt I would be the better person to express the experience of being a scorpion.hope i have done the justice.
Every sign has its own positives and negatives. what is considered positive and negative is a debate by itself and varies a person to person…I will not indulge in to it.

They are Transforming

Scorpio is the 8th sign signifying the transformation/death/birth…. transformation here means some thing which is transforming…. not completely transformed.
caterpillar is better but the butterfly is wonderful and not the cocoon….cocoon is transforming not every ones likes it. a butterfly can never be a butterfly without being a cocoon.”cocoon” this how sometimes scorpion are seen from outside. every person will
have a completely different inner world something you can experience only in complete oneness with that person that’s the beauty of experiencing, logical analysis will only fail and lead to wrong conclusion most of the time.

Who they really are

If you search about the Scorpio sign personality in web you will find terms like a
highly emotional,strong sex drive,loves mystery,secretive person….. they are good at professions like investigator,police,auditor,psychology…. They all are true if you are a scorpion…these personality signifier’s are either suppressed or highly active or
they are some where in between. other things you may not have heard about,
scorpions see beyond those words from your lips…they understand the words not spoken, they see beyond your gestures, sometimes they may make you feel nervous for no perceivable reason and most of all they thrive and not survive in emergency situation.

How they are here

Sometimes its feels like universe has a road map a pattern to follow……sequencing of things and events. zodiac signs are perfectly sequenced you don’t reach Scorpio before hitting the balance of the Libra. your zodiac sign is no coincidence its your creation. even though its your creation most of the time its you unconscious doing lands you there.

They were once a highly emotional people…too much invested in their emotions. too much of emotional hurt has made them draw in to a shell. that’s why most of them are introverts.

What are the lessons

being a scorpion knowing the real motive of people will make you often judgmental. most of the time your assessment will be right but it would be best accepting them as they are that’s what a mature scorpion will do. its easy to be manipulative when you look beyond people try help them self understand better.

come out of your shell use your gift of unearthing secrets to learn more about life. forgive people and ask for forgiveness. let your suppressed emotions flow that how you will find peace.

most of the things written would be applicable to scorpion moon sign as well. no wonder moon is weaker in Scorpio.